Let’s find out what we could save you on a new Seat Mii Hatchback


  • Frugal three-cylinder engine
  • Compact dimensions
  • Cheaper than the VW Up


  • Not as fun as the VW Up
  • Lacks kit at entry level
  • Three-cylinder engine lacks oomph

To say small cars are abundant nowadays is an understatement. And as the choice grows, competition in the city car and supermini segment has become increasingly fierce.

Take the SEAT Mii - a small city car primed for nipping from A to B. But suitability aside, you still need to weigh up its near identical competitors, the Volkswagen Up and Skoda Citigo.

When you consider the close resemblance of these three models, for many budget-minded buyers, the finer details - and expense of the car - will be the deciding factor.


    • 139mph
      Top Speed
    • 11.5seconds
    • Engine Power
    • Torque
    Transmission Manual
    Gears 4


    • CC
      Engine Size
    • Cylinders
    • Engine Power
    • Torque
    Cylinder Layout
    Engine Power
    Engine Torque


    • Width mm
      Height mm
      Length mm
    • Seats
    • Litres
      Luggage Capacity
    Turning Circle
    Tyre Size (front)
    Tyre Size (rear)
    Width (inc mirrors)
    Height (inc roof rails)


    • KG
      Vehicle Weight
    • KG
      Max Towing Weight (Unbraked)
    • KG
      Max Roof Load
    • KG
      Max Loading Weight
    Max Towing Weight (Braked)
    Max Towing Weight (Unbraked)


    • 139MPG
      MPG EC Combined
    • g/km
    • Insurance Group
    Benefit in Kind
    Percentage charge %
    Benefit in kind £
    Tax payable at 20% £
    Tax payable at 40% £

    This calculator is supplied only as guidance to the BIK tax liability you may expect to pay. Data is based upon the Manufacturer's Recommended Price (MRP) and published tax rates.

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    SEAT is yet another manufacturer to opt for a small three-cylinder petrol unit in its small car range.

    Producing just 59bhp, the Mii’s 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol is hardly going to entice petrolheads with a 0-62mph time of 14.4 seconds. But providing you are after a run-around, this engine is perfect.

    For those who want a bit more of an oomph then there is also a 74bhp variant of the 1.0-litre. This takes 13.2 seconds to reach the 62mph mark.

    The five-speed manual gearbox is smooth enough in the Mii and is great for quick gear changes around the city. You will have to work the box a little when it comes to overtaking at motorway speeds however.

    Ride and Handling

    The Mii’s light steering may not be ideal at speed on a winding country road, but when you are trying to squeeze into a parking space in the city, it will work to your advantage.

    Although it is a small car, the Mii deals with bumps in the road really well, especially potholes. Body roll is also minimal on the Mii, which means that if you do decide to throw it around a corner then it can keep its composure.

    The Mii isn’t as engaging as the VW Up to drive, but it still gets the job done.

    The Mii isn’t as engaging as the VW Up to drive, but it still gets the job done.

    Interior and Equipment

    If lack of kit does not faze you, then the entry-level S trim on the Mii should keep you happy – with a radio CD player being the highlight. Above S is SE and Sport.

    For those who consider air con a necessity, then you have to clamber up to at least SE to reap its benefits. The Toca trim we had is essentially a more tech-heavy version of the mid-range SE trim level. Toca adds SEAT’s removable infotainment system, which gives you the likes of sat nav and easy-to-use media functions all in one place.

    Practicality in the Mii is impressive for front passengers as there is oodles of leg and head room, plus a flexible seating position for the driver with a rake steering column.

    Space for rear passengers is a little limited as a result, but providing your friends are aboard for a short journey, you shouldn’t get too many complaints.

    The Mii’s boot matches the VW Up and Skoda Citigo with 251 litres. Although at first glance the boot looks a little snug, you will be pleasantly surprised at its ability to house relatively large cargo.

    However, IKEA enthusiasts should have their wits about them.

    Did you know?

    The SEAT Mii, Skoda CItigo and Volkswagen Up are all near-identical models to one another, as they are all part of the Volkswagen Group.


    This 59bhp variant of the 1.0-litre petrol will return an average of around 62.8mpg and emit 105g/km of CO2. The 74bhp model emits slightly more at 108g/km.

    The most efficient engine in the range is an Ecomotive variant of the 59bhp 1.0-litre, emitting 96g/km and returning around 68.9mpg. For those who love tallying figures, the Mii’s greenest option is 1g/km more than its VW and Skoda foes.

    The Mii is priced exactly the same as its Skoda Citigo competitor and slightly less than the VW Up – the difference in price purely being down to the VW badge on the bonnet.

    The most efficient engine in the range is an Ecomotive variant of the 59bhp 1.0-litre, emitting 96g/km and returning around 68.9mpg.

    Our Verdict

    The fork in the road between the Mii and the Citigo may be the youthful appeal of SEAT and the arguably traditional charm of Skoda.

    As for the VW Up and its slightly larger price tag, you will pay that little bit extra for the gloating rights of owning a VW.

    When it comes to acting as a run-around, the Mii is more than capable and is very easy to live with. It’s not half bad to look at either.

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