10 best-selling vans in UK for December 2018

10 best-selling vans in UK for December 2018

After a tumultuous year for the van market, we take a look at the top ten models for the final month of 2018.

For the light commercial vehicle market, 2018 was a year full of ups and downs.

Despite the year ending on a drop of 8.8 per cent in December compared to the same month in 2018, the year on the whole was actually one of the best for van sales – ranking the fourth all-time in the UK.

But which models were the most popular in the final month of the year, and which of those ended in the year-end top 10?

1. Ford Transit Custom – 3,906 sales

Ford Transit Custom
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Available as a van, double cab or Kombi, the Transit Custom has led the way in 2018 by a significant distance over every other option on the market. Fitted with a lot of Ford’s latest kit, such as the Sync 3 infotainment system and safety assists, the Transit Custom is streets ahead of all its closest rivals.

2. Ford Transit – 2,437

Ford Transit
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The larger brother of the Custom has been a mainstay of the British van market since 1960s and continues to be the most popular large van around. Available in three body lengths and two heights, you can choose between the van and double cab body options as well.

3. Mercedes Sprinter – 2,296

Mercedes Sprinter
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With five different body types on offer under the Sprinter umbrella, the German van comes with the latest tech, such as the artificial intelligence MBUX infotainment system and the option of four-wheel drive. Efficient driving analysis and telematics are also available for business owners.

4. Vauxhall Vivaro – 1,854

Vauxhall Vivaro
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As a model that is in competition with the Transit Custom, the Vivaro couldn’t quite keep up this year, but is a compelling package considering the technology available. The rear view camera can be viewed in the interior mirror, while you can also set the heater to warm the cab up before you drive off.

5. Ford Transit Connect – 1,461

Ford Transit Connect
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The outgoing version of the Transit Connect has performed well on the UK market as well as its larger siblings and is the leading model in the small van market. A new version is available now and it comes with a design and specification in-line with the Transit Custom.

6. Ford Ranger – 1,387

Ford Ranger Raptor
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As the only pick-up in the top 10 for December, it is also the fourth Ford model in the top six – showing just how far ahead the American brand is of everyone else. Great for both hauling and off-roading, the Ranger is offered in three body types – Single Cab, Super Cab and Double Cab.

7. Volkswagen Transporter – 1,307

Volkswagen Transporter
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Built in four different guises, the Transporter has been one of the most popular commercial vans of all-time. It may have lagged behind the Vivaro and Transit Custom, but it ended 2018 well inside the overall top ten.

8. Peugeot Boxer – 716

Peugeot Boxer
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Lagging behind the Transit and Sprinter, the Boxer is the first Peugeot on the list. The large panel van is available in three body lengths and two heights with each of those, as well as the choice between the Light and Heavy ranges – giving customers plenty of choice.

9. Renault Trafic – 705

Renault Trafic
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Available in three different body types, the Trafic did lag behind similarly-sized options, such as the Transit Custom and Vivaro. However, this month it outperformed its usual standing, as it doesn’t feature in the 2018 overall table.

10. Mercedes Vito – 615

Mercedes Vito
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As a more premium offering in the van segment, the Vito is a bit pricier than rivals, but can still provide plenty of practicality and features. It also punched above its weight this month, as it finished outside the end-of-year top 10.

Here are the overall standings for the best selling commercial vehicles in 2018:

1. Ford Transit Custom – 54,806 sales

2. Ford Transit – 32,694

3. Volkswagen Transporter – 21,763

4. Mercedes Sprinter – 21,278

5. Vauxhall Vivaro – 19,232

6. Ford Transit Connect – 17,495

7. Ford Ranger – 16,440

8. Peugeot Partner – 15,056

9. Citroen Berlingo – 13,428

10. Peugeot Boxer – 11,731

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