2018 BMW X7: What you need to know

2018 BMW X7: What you need to know

Ahead of its official launch at the LA motor show in November 2018, we provide the key factors there is to know about the upcoming BMW X7.

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Since the early 2000s, the largest SUV that BMW had to offer was the X5 which drew parallels from the 5 Series models.

But with the revealing of the X7 iPerformance concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, BMW revealed the near-production of version of its new flagship SUV.

Drawing inspiration from the top-end saloon – the 7 Series – the X7 will get its full reveal at the Los Angeles Motor Show towards the end of 2018. But what can we expect new luxury model?

2019 BMW X7 luxury large SUV

Petrol and diesel engines on release

What is expected for the new SUV is a normal-looking engine line-up, meaning that there might not be a hybrid powertrain initially on release – unlike the concept model displayed last year. More likely than not it will come with a range of diesel and petrol engines with six-, eight- and possibly 12-cylinder setups, with the probable M model coming with a turbocharged 12-cylinder petrol engine.

Although there has been no confirmation, a hybrid powertrain is on the cards – with a four-cylinder petrol engine paired to an electric motor. All powertrains will be paired to smooth automatic gearboxes and the xDrive four-wheel drive setup.

2019 BMW X7 luxury large SUV

The interior will be par for the BMW course

Don’t expect this BMW model to be much different on the inside compared to the others. But as it sits in-line with the 7 Series, the overall design will be similar to the saloon. Since the release of the latest flagship saloon, BMW has released plenty of new tech so the X7 should come with plenty of those new innovations, such as gesture controls on the infotainment system. It will likely come with a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, although conventional dials are likely to come with lower-spec editions.

As with the rest of the BMW luxury line-up, leather upholstery will come as standard and aluminium metal will be part of the dashboard trim. High-end materials will also be available in the trim options, with wood and other metals probably on offer.

Space-wise, it’ll be on par rivals such as Mercedes-Benz’s GLS and the Range Rover, and will have seven seats.

2019 BMW X7 luxury large SUV

Design highlights will carry over from other BMWs

As with every other BMW, the kidney grille will be present, but by looking at the testing mules and the concept, it will be slimmer than usual and the headlights will be quite slim when mounted on the front. It will have a long bonnet and high-top lines, with the back-end squared-off. Chrome will be present on the exterior edges, but it will be toned down compared to the concept model – which had the metal alloy on almost every corner. The overall look will be in-line with the concept with only minor tweaks applied.

2019 BMW X7 luxury large SUV

Premium finish means premium prices

The largest model in BMW’s line-up is likely to cost in excess of £70,000 from the lower-end of the specification options when it goes on sale this time next year. The pricing structure of the X7 will likely be similar to the 7 Series – with the most powerful models costing well over £150,000. The order books will open when the production model gets unveiled this November, with deliveries beginning in February 2019 at the earliest.

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