Audi announces model year updates for its electric e-tron SUV

Audi announces model year updates for its electric e-tron SUV

Updates include a longer range at no extra cost, along with a new S line grade.

Audi has announced a number of model year updates for its luxurious e-tron EV, with the highlight being a longer electric range.

Alongside the recently revealed e-tron Sportback, which offers more coupe-like styling than the regular model, Audi says the model has received a technical update that includes software adjustments and revised hardware that has managed to add an additional 16 miles to the range of the flagship e-tron 55 – increasing the total range to 271 miles.

Powering the 55 is a 95kWh battery, with Audi making adjustments to the model’s wheel brakes, along with changes to enhance efficiency to the drive system. This has largely been enabled because the system almost entirely disengages the front electric power – purely sending power to the rear electric motor for the majority of the time. It’s only when more power is required when heavily accelerating that the front motor is brought into action. All new e-trons will benefit from these changes.

New thermal technology has also been added, while alterations to the energy recuperation system when coasting have also improved efficiency, too.

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Audi is also introducing a new S line exterior package to the e-tron, too, which adds revised styling thanks to a new spoiler, diffuser and side sills to give it a sportier appearance. Further gloss black detailing is also available as an optional extra.

A further change being made to the e-tron is the introduction of a more affordable e-tron 50 – offering a smaller battery and a less powerful electric motor than the 55. This will go on sale at the same time as the new e-tron Sportback in March 2020. Expect the ‘50’ version to cost around £10,000 less than the ‘55’, though full pricing is yet to be announced.

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