BMW's 3 Series Touring is going hybrid, but what else is new?

BMW's 3 Series Touring is going hybrid, but what else is new?

The newest version of BMW’s mid-size estate is finally here, so we dig deep into what it brings to the table..

The new BMW 3 Series Touring is here, adding more practicality to the instantly-popular new version of the saloon — and this one has a few tricks up its sleeve.

It’ll be the German firm’s first hybrid estate. Like the already available 330e saloon, the 330e Touring should only further the model’s appeal. But electrification aside, what else is new? Here are a few highlights…


The 3 Series has always tended to opt for evolution over revolution when it comes to design. Each iteration of the model, including the Touring variants, always builds upon the last – and the same can be said for the current one.

Thanks to a lot of subtle changes inside and out, the car now looks fresh, new and in-line with the rest of BMW’s current range.


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Like most new cars nowadays, tech is a big priority – the new 3 Series Touring is no exception. Just upon sitting in the driver’s seat, the 8.8-inch central touchscreen and 5.7-inch full-colour display is immediately noticeable. And that’s just on the SE and Sport models – the two lowest trim levels.

By stepping it up to M Sport, a 10.25-inch central display and full-digital dials on a 12.5-inch screen features. There’s even a high-quality built-in dashcam available as an optional extra.


The new BMW 3 Series is slightly larger than the last – to be exact, 76mm longer and 16mm wider – meaning increased cabin and boot space. There are better legroom and headroom, especially for rear passengers.

In terms of the Touring’s boot (which is already much bigger compared to the saloon), it’s grown five litres over the outgoing model to 500 litres. What’s more, the boot opening itself is 125mm wider too, making loading items even easier than before. 

Driving dynamics

One thing the 3 Series has always been able to boast about is how it drives. BMW love making cars for people who enjoy driving, even if it’s in a practical estate form. And it’s easy to tell with this new one.

First of all, the use of aluminium throughout the car has increased, meaning weight is down 10kg – a lot of the weight saving is actually in the suspension, making the car feel nicely agile. Furthermore, the model’s structure is 25 per cent stiffer overall, meaning the Touring can provide a nippy, responsive and lively driving experience when requested.

Driver assistance

As mentioned before, the 3 Series is no short of tech – and this includes driver assistance features. Spring for the optional Driving Assistance Plus Pack, and the Touring gets helpful add-ons such as lane-keep assistance and blind spot monitoring. Also part of the package is a useful system dubbed cross-traffic alert, which warns you if you’re about to pull out into the path of a car when leaving a side junction.

But that’s not all, because (again) as part of the package, you also get cruise control with steering assistance and a stop-start function. What more could you want? 

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