Crazy Driving Laws Around The World

Here in Britain, there are a large number of laws in place regarding our local roads. Even if you personally don’t agree with particular rules currently in place, the point of each them is to keep you, your passengers, other motorists and pedestrians safe.

Besides, if you think certain motoring laws here are overly strict or just weird, then believe us, they’re nothing compared to some of the odd rules that are actually enforced in different parts of the world.

For instance, do you know which city has banned driving on a Monday if your car’s licence plate ends with a 1 or 2? What about which country makes it illegal for women to drive? Or the country that doesn’t allow dirty cars to be driven?

Some parts of the world have driving laws that cover actions you’d probably never even considered doing while behind the wheel. Yet apparently someone else must have.

Then there are those countries where the rules seem either incredibly harsh compared to what we are used. In contrast there are other countries where the laws of motoring can seem dangerously relaxed, like one particular nation that allows you to drink alcohol while also driving at the same time.

Here at Car Keys we’ve put together an infographic highlighting some of the weirdest, most shocking and downright ridiculous motoring laws that actually exist in certain countries around the world.

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