Hyundai announces new adaptive cruise control that learns a driver’s patterns

Hyundai announces new adaptive cruise control that learns a driver’s patterns

The system incorporates a host of driver assistance features.

Hyundai has developed an adaptive cruise control system that can learn a driver’s habits and can then apply these autonomously.

The South Korean manufacturer has been updating its adaptive cruise feature (known as Smart Cruise Control), which has been developed to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI). It's able to learn a driver’s habits and then implement these. It means that while the car is semi-autonomously driving on a motorway, it can drive in an identical pattern to the driver.

Whereas currently you have to manually control how close the car would be following the vehicle in front with adaptive cruise control, the car can now do this itself, basing it on your past driving. It can also match how a driver accelerates, too, for example when the car in front has changed lane – leaving you with a clear stretch to speed up again. Whereas some motorists would speed up leisurely, others would accelerate harshly, but the car can autonomously alter to factors such as these.

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Hyundai says that it’s this lack of fine-tuning to their preferences that makes many drivers feel reluctant to use this tech currently, while others feel anxious about it, because of how different it is to their driving style. 

The new system is said to be an industry first, and the firm says it will be implemented onto new models from the Hyundai Group, which also includes Kia. No date has yet been given as to when this will be, though.

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