Longer-range Nissan Leaf electric car put into full production

Longer-range Nissan Leaf electric car put into full production

Originally offered as a limited edition, the 62kWh model will now become a permanent fixture in the Leaf’s EV line-up.

Nissan has put its longer-ranged 62kWh E+ Leaf into full production, following the success of a limited edition model with a longer EV range.

The second-generation version of the Sunderland-built Leaf was initially fitted with a 40kWh electric motor, but in January the Japanese manufacturer introduced the 3.Zero E+ Limited Edition model, which benefits from a more powerful 62kWh setup.

While first deliveries of this limited edition model don’t start until the summer, Nissan has already taken the decision to put it into full production.

The E+ increases the range of the standard Leaf from 168 to 239 miles, which puts the range more in-line with newer EVs with longer ranges – such as the Hyundai KONA Electric, Kia e-Niro and newly-launched Tesla Model 3.

As well as offering more usability, the E+ also offers more power, with the model producing 214bhp – up from 148bhp. This increases the top speed from 90mph to 97mph, as well as dropping the 0-60mph time from 7.7 seconds to 6.9 seconds.

The new E+ builds on the already-high spec of the Tekna model, which features full LED lighting, part-leather seats and a Bose sound system, with the only visual differences being metallic blue front bumper accents and an embossed charging port. 

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Nissan has taken the decision to increase prices of the Leaf by £2,000, with increased market demand and inflation being to blame for the rise, although it’s still one of the more affordable EVs on sale, with prices starting from £27,995 for the 40kWh model, and rising to £35,895 for the E+.

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