MG5 Long Range: Why should you consider this EV?

MG5 Long Range: Why should you consider this EV?

Here’s why MG’s latest electric car is worth considering

You only need to look at MG’s sales figures in 2021 to see how this brand is growing. 

With more than 16,000 new cars sold up until July in the UK, it makes the brand more popular than more mainstream firms like Fiat, Honda and Mazda. A big part of this success stems from its electric models – the ZS EV crossover and the newer MG5 SW. 

And despite being on sale for under a year, MG has already revised it – introducing the appropriately-named Long Range model. Here’s why you should consider it…

It’s got an… ahem… long range 

Yes, this isn’t any fake advertising, as the new MG5 Long Range very much does what it says on the tin. Though the standard car’s 214-mile range is far from poor, MG has fitted the updated car with a larger 61.4kWh battery (up from 52.5kWh), which takes the range up to an impressive 250 miles on a single charge. 

It’s ideal for longer trips then, and so is its ability to rapid charge, with MG saying you can top the battery up to 80 per cent at a 100kW charger in around 40 minutes. With the longest range of any EV costing under £30,000, it’s certainly a very credible option. 

Very good value for money

MG prides itself on offering great value for money, and that’s a key driver behind its models’ success. The same logic applies in the electric car world, too, with the MG5 giving buyers far more for their money than other similarly-priced EVs.

With starting prices from £26,495 (including the plug-in car grant), it costs roughly the same as a Vauxhall Corsa-e, while also comes with a generous seven-year warranty as standard. You also won’t feel short-changed, with standard equipment including keyless entry, a large touchscreen and digital dials to name just a few features. 

Very practical

A key draw to the MG5 is its practicality, as it remains one of the few estate cars on the market today – the only other being the Porsche Panamera Cross Turismo, which is hardly a rival as it costs considerably more. 

So if you want a practical yet affordable EV, this MG is well worth considering, with its 464-litre boot outclassing other hatchbacks, and increasing to 1,456 litres with the rear seats folded. The rear seats also offer a generous amount of room too, making it an ideal option if you want an electric car for the family. 

Array of safety technology now included

Previously, an area that let the MG5 down was its lack of driver assistance technology. Though that didn’t mean the car wasn’t ‘safe’, it lagged behind rivals. 

However, MG has now addressed that with this Long Range model, introducing its ‘Pilot’ technology that brings the car up to date. Bringing autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and more, it certainly adds another string to this EV’s bow. 

Surprisingly good drive

You might not think of buying the MG5 for the way it drives, but it’s actually quite a pleasant surprise behind the wheel. 

Though its 154bhp electric motor might not sound all that significant, the way the MG5 can get up to speed is impressive, with 0-60mph taking just 7.3 seconds. It also handles nicely, while thanks to its smaller alloy wheels, the ride is comfortable as well. In short, it’s a better all-rounder than many other EVs at a similar price. 

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