MINI Electric to come with 5,000 free miles

MINI Electric to come with 5,000 free miles

The partnership with Ovo Energy aims to make this new EV even more affordable to run.

MINI has announced that its new Electric hatch will come with 5,000 free green miles thanks to OVO Energy.

The partnership with the renewable energy firm will mean that owners of the new Oxford-built electric car will be able to reduce their running costs further when they switch to OVO Energy’s EV Everywhere bundle. Through this, the electricity comes from entirely renewable sources – helping to cut a driver’s carbon footprint further.

Included in the offers is a free Polar Plus subscription, which gives drivers access to the UK’s largest public EV charging network, with 7,000 charging points available to use.

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The system works for customers charging their vehicles at home, and works by customers receiving discounts each month on their energy bills for the first year, which MINI says racks up to the equivalent of a free 5,000 miles across the year.

David George, director of MINI UK, said “Our MINI Electric customers have already taken a big step in lowering their carbon emissions, so we’re pleased now to recommend this exclusive offer with OVO Energy, for those drivers who want to reduce their footprint even further.”

MINI’s first publicly available EV arrives in showrooms next month, with the quirky electric car retaining all the looks and fun of the regular Hatch. It can travel 145 miles on a single charge and is available from £24,400. Order books are already open.

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