Nissan launches Energy Solar service and products

Nissan launches Energy Solar service and products

The Japanese car manufacturer has released the system which can store energy overnight for non-daylight usage and give people independence from the National Grid

In an attempt to combine electric mobility with environmental living, Nissan has launched its Energy Solar service that provides solar panels and energy storage solutions.

With the help of a home energy management system, customers can gain independence from the National Grid by storing electrical power for usage in overcast conditions and at night which can then help power their house or charge their vehicle.

Nissan Energy Solar

Nissan predicts that people using the Energy Solar setup could save up to 66 per cent on energy bills and help promote cleaner living.

Gareth Dunsmore, Nissan Europe’s electric vehicle director, said: “Nissan Energy Solar is a complete system for home energy generation, management and storage.

“It enables UK homeowners to make significant savings on their household electricity bills, and become champions of sustainability and green technology.

Nissan Energy Solar

“More than 880,000 people in the UK already use solar panels and this fully integrated solution brings a fresh opportunity to grow this number exponentially over the coming years.”

Prices for the fully-integrated system start from £3,881, and will give customers an alternative in the fluctuating energy market to take things into their own hands.

Nissan also has plans to use the Leaf as an extra energy source for houses if needed, as when they are parked and charging the electric hatchback, power could be diverted back into the house or National Grid to help reduce strain on the network.


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