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Skoda trials car sharing service for university students

‘Uniqway’ is designed to help students get on the road without having to bear the cost of owning a car.

University students could soon find driving cheaper and easier than ever, if a new service Skoda is trialing graduates to reality.

Developed in collaboration with Czech students, Uniqway is a service that allows those at university to access a fleet of cars at the touch of a button.

Users can sign up via a smartphone app with their student IDs, allowing them to book a car for a rate of £1.03 per hour, plus 17p per kilometre driven.

Joining the service itself is free, and it has been designed to help those studying get on the road without having to worry about expensive vehicle ownership. The entire transaction is completed within the app — with the driver’s use of a vehicle recorded and visible, with payment taken after use.

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Assigned pick-up and drop-off points would be located near eligible university buildings, halls of residences and free parking areas around cities.

Three university campuses in Prague are the first to test the service, with a fleet of Skoda Fabias chosen for initial trials. There is no word as yet on expansion, but expect it to soon follow if these test runs prove successful.

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