Tesla plans to demo 'UFO detector' on cars

Tesla founder Elon Musk has announced that Tesla would be testing a new feature that would help older Tesla models detect ‘unidentified flying objects’.

Updating the software on vehicles equipped with the Hardware 1 platform (which include Models S and X), Tesla vehicles will soon be able to detect objects and obstacles using radar technology, and apply the brakes accordingly.

Tesla models X and S parked up next to each other

Although the feature isn’t primarily aimed at detecting extra-terrestrials, the software update is set to be a huge improvement to Tesla’s autopilot feature to make it even safer, even when faced with fog.

Last year, Elon Musk revealed Tesla’s crown jewel – Hardware 2 – a system that should, eventually, enable complete autonomous driving. Even though this is set to be the future of Tesla vehicles, Musk has reassured current owners that vehicles fitted with the Hardware 1 system would still receive regular updates.

Even though the probability of drivers discovering an alien race are slim, this new detector will hopefully allow autopilot advocates to feel that little bit safer, even in the worst of weathers.