Tesla shares rise following Elon Musk's “masterplan” tweet

Tesla shares rise following Elon Musk's “masterplan” tweet

Shares for Tesla Motors have risen following a tweet by Elon Musk that hints at the firms new “masterplan”.

Following a tweet by its CEO Elon Musk, Tesla Motors’ shares have risen by 4 per cent. The enigmatic CEO posted a tweet on Sunday evening stating that he was “working on a Top Secret Tesla Masterplan” and that he will be revealing details of said plan “later this week”.

Part 1 of Musk’s masterplan was revealed back in 2006, where he vowed to create a sports car as well as an affordable electric car.

This latest tweet may have renewed interest in the tech-firm, leading to a rise in shares, and for Tesla’s sake this has couldn’t have come at a better time, following the headline-grabbing story of its autopilot feature supposedly leading to a crash.

Musk has also faced adversity following a proposed merger with a solar panel provider.

You can read about the Tesla Autopilot crash here.

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