The Best Car Driving Games, as Voted By Car Keys

The Best Car Driving Games, as Voted By Car Keys

We ran a poll in Car Keys HQ to find out our favourite driving video games, ever. And these are the eight that came out on top.

For many of us, gaming consoles were lost without a decent driving game.

Whether you were a budding racing driver who appreciated the delicacy of Gran Turismo, or someone who simply enjoyed the chaotic carnage of Burnout, driving games offered up some of our most memorable childhood moments.

After arguing over which driving game was the best, we put our heads together in the Car Keys office and come up with a list of the greatest driving games of all time. Enjoy!

Ridge Racer

Release: 1993

"One of the first car racing games I could spend hours on. Fast paced with Techno-style music - a fantastic launch title for the Playstation." Kris B


Need For Speed Underground

Release: 2003/4

“Need for Speed Underground was one of my favourite games growing up. After Fast & The Furious came out I loved the ‘Drag Race’ game mode; practicing your perfect shifts and shouting ‘Too Soon!’ at your mate when he let his NOS go early. Not to mention the levels of car customisation you could do. Classic game.” Sean P


Colin McRae Rally

Release: 1998

"Colin McRae Rally was the game that did a great job introducing many people to the challenging and amazing motorsport that is rallying." Stephen G

Gran Turismo

Release: 1997

"This game set the benchmark for future racing games, one of my first racing games I ever played." Stephen L


Out Run

Release: 1986

"One of the greatest old school racing games which was definitely best played in the arcade." Simon T



Release: From 1999/2000

"Before GTA was in 3D, Driver was the game for driving around cities causing havoc. Driver: San Francisco was probably my favourite though, thanks to Survival Mode" Danny D



Release: 1997

"TOCA Touring Cars and TOCA 3 were my favourite games. So satisfying working your way up the field!" Sean G


Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Release: 2012

"I enjoyed taking down the group of 15 drivers most wanted by the Police - and taking their cars, of course." Daniel P

Honorable mentions:

  • Forza Motorsport
  • Forza Horizon
  • Top Gear 1
  • Nascar Rumble
  • SEGA Rally
  • Destruction Derby
  • Project Cars
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • And... upcoming VR driving games like Dirt Rally



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