The new driving law changes you need to know about in 2019

The new driving law changes you need to know about in 2019

New UK driving laws have been announced for 2019 which every driver should know, here's how to avoid getting fined for these new driving law changes.

2019 is now well underway, and with the new year some new driving laws are being introduced. Simply knowing about these changes could help you avoid some potentially hefty fines.

Read on to find out what’s changing in the upcoming year…

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Driving law changes 2019

Highway Code

Last year, five major changes were made to the Highway Code. One of these changes involved new rules on the use of remote control parking – a feature some of the latest technology-rich cars include.

Overtaking cyclists

Drivers who don’t leave enough room when overtaking cyclists will now be fined £100. According to the Highway Code, you must leave at least 1.5 metres between the car and the cyclist, which is about a door’s width. People who fail to do so will then face the £100 fine.

Smart motorways

As well as overtaking cyclists, drivers on smart motorways that drive through a red X sign could also be fined £100. This act is already an offence that can end in police prosecution.

Learner drivers on motorways

In the past, learners couldn’t use motorways, but people learning from 2019 will be able to. However, this is only allowed if an instructor is supervising the learner.

Driving law changes 2019

MOT tests

In order to further ensure all cars on the road are safe, some new measures are being introduced for MOT tests. These categories include, Dangerous, Major, Minor, Advisory, and Pass.

Dangerous will result in an MOT failure, and applies to cars that pose a direct or immediate risk to road safety or the environment. 

Major is another failure, and means the cars safety is affected, affecting the environment or puts other road users at risk.

Minor is less severe. It means there is no significant effect on safety, although, the fault must be repaired as soon as possible. Advisory is similar in that it involves something that isn’t significant to the car’s safety, but the issue could become more serious in the future.

Pass is pretty self-explanatory and means the car meets the current legal standards for maintenance and condition.

Graduated driving licences

This is just something the government is just considering as of now. The graduated driving licence would be a means of being stricter on newly-passed drivers.

Curfews, limits to passengers, lower speed limits, engine size limits, mandatory P plates, lower alcohol limits are all things the RAC believes the government should focus on.

For 2019, year-long pilot schemes will be tested in Northern Ireland to see how effective these licences could be. If these tests are successful, new licences could be rolled out across the UK.

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