Volkswagen T-Roc R to debut at Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen T-Roc R to debut at Geneva Motor Show

The hot version of the compact crossover will be revealed at the annual event and is likely to come the same engine as the Golf R.

Volkswagen has announced that it will be revealing an R version of its T-Roc compact crossover at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

After being tested extensively at the Nürburgring, the T-Roc R has been teased with this sketch that displays sharper bodywork and larger wheels compared to the standard model.

2019 Volkswagen T-Roc R

The R line-up made its debut on the Mk4 Golf R32 from 2003 and has been the most dynamic version of the popular hatchback ever since – with the latest version known simply as the R.

On the T-Roc version, it is likely Volkswagen will use a lot of components from the latest Golf R – including the 296bhp, 2.0-litre four-pot engine and the four-wheel drive system.

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With the T-Roc based on the same chassis as the Golf and series of other VW Group models, the conglomerate has already based a couple of hot SUVs on the MQB platform – such as the Cupra Ateca from the Seat performance spin-off brand and the upcoming Audi SQ2.

Official performance, pricing and equipment details are yet to be released, but expect to find many of those out when the T-Roc R makes its debut in Geneva. The show is open to the public from March 7 to 17.

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