VW e-Golfs go over 250,000 miles with Zipcar

VW e-Golfs go over 250,000 miles with Zipcar

After the partnership between the two companies began last July, the 325 e-Golfs in service have been used more than 50,000 times

With car-sharing and electric mobility becoming more prevalent in modern motoring, Volkswagen and Zipcar have revealed just how popular their partnership has been.

More than 50,000 trips have been made in Zipcar’s fleet of 325 VW e-Golfs around London, with over 250,000 covered. That’s more than 10 times round the Equator.

Volkswagen e-Golf Zipcar

Fitted with a 134bhp electric motor and 35.8kWh battery, the e-Golf has a claimed range of 144 miles, although day-to-day range is likely to be 124 miles. Capable of 0-60mph in 9.4 seconds, the e-Golf can reach a top speed of 93mph.

The 10,000 Zipcar members can use the e-Golfs as part of its Flex pay-as-you-go service that allows drivers to travel within the Zipcar zones, which can be found through the brand’s mobile app. At 31p per minute, costs are capped at £14 per hour.

Claire McGreal, Volkswagen UK brand strategy and mobility services manager, said: “The e-Golf’s warm reception from Zipcar UK members is testament to its ease of use in the city, as well as their eagerness to go electric in the capital.

Volkswagen e-Golf Zipcar

Zipcar UK’s general manager Jonathan Hampson said:

"Extending the Zipcar UK e-Golf fleet will ensure that more of the car club’s 230,000 registered users in the UK will be able to enjoy convenient, zero-emission travel.”

“We passionately believe that electric car sharing is the way forward for Londoners when it comes to driving in the capital. Working with Volkswagen we have made EV driving more affordable and accessible than ever before.

“These figures speak for themselves: Londoners are embracing EV driving and proving that there is a real potential to make EV driving mainstream in the capital, and help fight the city’s pollution challenges.”
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