Skoda Citigo review
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Skoda Citigo review

As one of the three VW Group city cars, the Skoda Citigo is built on a solid base – but can it be one of the leaders in this segment? We take a look…


First introduced back in 2011, the Skoda Citigo is effectively a cheaper version of the Volkswagen Up! – with the Czech model having similar looks to its sister car and is based on the same platform.

What it lacks in overall performance it makes up for in fun driving and practicality – even if it is quite a small car.

The Citigo comes with all the essentials from its base spec – making it a great option for those looking for a simple and affordable model.

But can it be as great following its minor update in 2017? We get behind the wheel and find out…

2017 Skoda Citigo


Two engine outputs are offered on the Citigo – both of which are based on a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder unit, offering either 59bhp or 74bhp. We got behind the wheel of the lowest power option, which came with a torque figure of 95Nm and was paired to a five-speed manual gearbox. In either three- or five-door the Citigo can go from 0-60mph in 14.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 101mph.

As the engine is so small and offers such little power, motorway driving will be tricky and you’ll have to work the engine hard – but on a twisty A- or B-road and you’ll see that it is rather fun to get around in. As the only option available on the Colour Edition we tried, you are a bit limited for choice – but it revs well past 6,000rpm and offers a lot of character.

2017 Skoda Citigo

Ride & Handling

It’s obvious that the Citigo has been set up for the city, thanks to direct steering and a well-sorted chassis making for great handling. The fun driving experience translates on to twistier sections of road as there is lots of grip and you can really go for it wherever due to the relative lack of power.

The suspension and ride is not as well sorted as that in the Volkswagen Up! but it works well enough to offer comfort in town and smooth out all manner of bumps on the British road network. The 15-inch wheels didn’t transfer too many imperfections into the cabin, and it’s probably best to not go for the larger 16-inch offerings.

2017 Skoda Citigo

Interior & Equipment

The Citigo comes with a decent amount of space for such a small car – but due to its size, the back seats don’t offer the best space for taller passengers. It can feel cramped on the back bench and it’s probably best not to have six-footers in the back for longer than necessary. Front space is good though, as it offers lots of head and legroom for both the driver and passenger.

Boot space is on slightly smaller than that of a Ford Fiesta at 251 litres, but it has a high lip that can make loading things into the back tricky at times. If you want to get the full use of the Citigo, fold down the rear seats and you’ll find a 959-litre load space – although the floor isn’t flat.

In the Colour Edition we tried, Skoda fits a decent amount of kit such as 15-inch black alloys to contrast the bright paintwork options, chrome detailing, LED daytime running lights, plastic steering wheel, air conditioning, fabric upholstery, radio with Bluetooth and Aux-In connection and a smartphone holder that can act as the car’s sat-nav through the Skoda application.

2017 Skoda Citigo


Prices for the Citigo three-door start from £8,885, which gets you the base S spec – while the five-door in the same trim has an initial price of £9,235. For the Colour Edition model we tested, prices start from £10,855.

With the smallest engine on-board, the Citigo can achieve a quoted 64.2mpg and 96g/km CO2 – which is pretty good for city car.

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2017 Skoda Citigo


The Skoda Citigo is a likeable car that can be the perfect companion for urban drivers. It won’t be as capable on the motorway as you might like, but it works perfectly well everywhere else – delivering great economy, enough equipment and surprising practicality considering its diminutive size. In the Colour Edition, it looks even more excellent as you can spec a bright colour so it can stand out from the crowd.

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