10 Most Reliable cars to buy in 2018

10 Most Reliable cars to buy in 2018

We round up the most reliable new cars on the market in 2018, find out if you're driving one of UK's most dependable models.

Buying a reliable car can give you a peace of mind that allows you to focus on other things, as you know that barring a catastrophic failure, your car will keep running.

If you’re after one such car, here are the top ten most reliable models currently on sale in the UK…

1. Lexus NX

Lexus NX
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The Japanese SUV offers a comfortable and stylish package, while also being one of the country’s most reliable car. With Lexus well known for its high build quality and reliability, it’s no surprise seeing the £34,940 model at the top of the list.

2. Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento
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Kia’s largest model also ranks highly and it proves that you don’t need to spend ludicrous amounts of money to find a quality product. The seven-seater comes with a lot of tech in higher specs, and starts from £30,225.

3. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius
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Seen as the car that brought hybrid motoring into full view of the popular market, the Toyota Prius also manages to be a dependable model as well. With cheap running costs and lots of useful features, the Prius costs £24,245.

4. Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5
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You may not expect a sports car to be that reliable, but the Mazda MX-5 ranks surprisingly high. Built by the Japanese manufacturer, the small roadster can run for a long time without problem and is also quite affordable – priced from £18,995.

5. Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008
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Peugeot’s mid-size SUV comes with a well-built interior and a range of dependable engines. Add to that a stylish design and a comfortable overall experience, the 3008 is a very reliable option in a competitive segment. Prices start from £24,109.

6. Honda CR-V

2018 Honda CR-V
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Honda is well-known for producing trustworthy models and the new CR-V builds on that excellent quality. Offering lots of space and good equipment, the mid-size Honda SUV can be a reliable model to go for, with pricing starting from £25,995.

7. Mazda CX-5

2018 Mazda CX-5
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Another Japanese model on the list is Mazda’s largest SUV, and the CX-5 offers a stylish option in the crowded SUV segment. Add to that it comes with well-built engines and equipment, and the £24,795 model makes a lot of sense.

8. Toyota Verso

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Toyota’s large family vehicle is the second one from the brand on this list and offers a lot of space and comfort. With plenty of quality tech available too, the Verso will run for a while without any problems.

9. Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia vRS
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The hatchback offers lot of space, comfort and technology for not that high a price, so it’s good to know that it can be a dependable car too. Priced from £17,800, the Octavia is available as both a hatchback and an estate.

10. Lexus CT

2018 Lexus CT
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As the smallest Lexus model available, it’s the second car from the Japanese car on this list proving just how reliable its cars are. Fitted with quality technology and well-built features, the CT starts from £23,520.

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