5 best superminis 2020

5 best superminis 2020

Superminis continue to get bigger and more advanced each year. Here’s our favourites in 2020

Not so long ago, superminis were the simple no-frills vehicle choices designed to get people from A to B, but little more. 

However, over the years buyers have craved more from their small cars – meaning they’re now more advanced than before and roomier as well.  They look the part, too.

Despite the rise of crossovers, superminis continue to be the most popular cars on the road in this fiercely-competitive class. Here are the best you can get in 2020. 

Ford Fiesta – from £16,640

Once a car reserved for new drivers, the new Fiesta has grown up over the years, and the current model is now a perfect small family car. That said, it hasn’t forgotten about the need for it to be a lot of fun to drive, as this Ford continues to lead this class in that respect. 

For 2020, Ford’s giving the model some new mild-hybrid petrol engines, which offer more responsiveness and greater efficiency – making this hatchback even more convincing than ever.

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Honda Jazz – from £18,985

The Jazz is a car that blurs the boundaries between a supermini and a small MPV, but this compact Honda is a brilliant option if you want something refined, sensible and comfortable. It’s also got a good boot and a very flexible interior – especially thanks to its ‘Magic’ rear seats, which flip up like cinema chairs – allowing you to put a set of golf clubs or a tall plant in the back upright. 

This new Honda Jazz is only offered with a new hybrid powertrain, which is smooth and impressively efficient – returning up to 62.8mpg, with CO2 emissions of 102g/km.

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Renault Clio – from £15,295

It might not look it, but the Renault Clio is the supermini you want if you need a small car with a big boot. Measuring 391 litres, it’s much bigger than all its rivals, and is perfect for downsizing. This latest Clio is also stylish to look at, while also featuring a brilliant interior which is far more upmarket than before. Go for a top-spec version and it can even come with a large 10-inch digital dials system and 9.3-inch touchscreen. 

Even more appealing about the Clio is its affordable starting price and generous standard kit list – all versions come with LED headlights, cruise control and an array of safety kit. Later this year you can also get it with an ultra-efficient E-Tech hybrid powertrain.

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Mini – from £16,200

This British-built supermini is the car for you if you’re after something fun, stylish and upmarket. With its vibrant styling, quirky interior and enjoyable driving experience, it continues to be one of the most popular superminis on the market today. Sure, it’s not the most practical of choices, but it still has a usable boot and rear seats that are adequate for occasional use. 

The sheer choice on offer with the Mini is another one of its strengths – offering everything from the entry-level One to the hot John Cooper Works and even an EV Electric model.

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Seat Ibiza – from £16,445

When it comes to a supermini that can do just about everything, there are few better all-rounders than the Seat Ibiza. It ticks just about every box imaginable from a small car – it’s good to drive, well-equipped, impressively spacious and looks the part, too. 

It’s essentially a Volkswagen Polo, which is itself a brilliant supermini, but the Ibiza arguably has more stylish looks and is slightly cheaper – therefore earning itself a place on this list.

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