6 best cars for audiophiles

6 best cars for audiophiles

Here are six cars with superb audio systems

If you’re a music lover, listening to your favourite songs and artists in your car can offer a bit of escapism at the end of a long day at work, or help ease the pain of a lengthy journey.

You might think all sound systems and speakers in a car are much the same, but there is an enormous difference between the lower end of the market and the best speaker. A good sound system can also be a hugely desirable option – even helping a model’s resale value once you come to sell it or trade it in.

If an excellent sound system is a must-have, consider any of these cars…

Ford S-Max

A large seven-seat people carrier might not be the obvious choice to blast out some of your favourite tunes, but remarkably the Ford S-Max has one of the best sound systems around.

Choose the top-spec S-Max Vignale and your car will come with an impressive 12-speaker Sony sound setup. If you’re into your bass, this sound system is tremendous. You can also choose it as a £500 optional extra on ST-Line and Titanium trim levels.

Mazda 3

Mazda is going from strength to strength with its models lately, and the excellent ‘3’ hatchback is seriously impressive. It looks the part, comes loaded with standard kit and is one of the best models to drive in its class, if not the best.

Choose one of the top-spec GT Sport or GT Sport Tech models and you’ll also be treated to an excellent Bose sound system offering impressive audio quality.

Mercedes AMG-GT four-door

While it’s true that the AMG GT four-door’s thrilling 4.0-litre V8 might provide all the audio quality you could hope for, but if you fancy a more steady and relaxing cruise listening to your favourite music, there are few sound systems than Mercedes’ truly wonderful Burmester surround system.

Featuring 14 speakers and a digital amplifier of a total output of 640W, you’ll struggle to find a better system. To make things even more impressive, you also get it as standard, though with a starting price of £140,495, it’s most certainly not affordable.

Audi A8

Audi has always been a pioneering firm aiming to deliver the best sound quality, which is why its models are available with various grades of system.

Audi’s flagship A8 is one of the most serene and comfortable cars around, and it can be made even more relaxing and enjoyable by opting for the range-topping Vorsprung with its Bang & Olusfen premium sound system. With this, the car is equipped with pop-out speakers that can discreetly hide in the dash while not in use, and it delivers frankly unbelievable quality. 

Hyundai Kona

With the former two cars each costing well in excess of £100,000, you might be mistaken for thinking that the best sound systems are reserved for the most expensive of cars.

However, the Hyundai Kona is a model that showcases that this isn’t true, with mid-spec Premium versions of this distinctive crossover coming with an excellent eight-speaker Krell sound system, with these models costing from as little as £20,105.


The excellent three-door Mini hatch proves that good things can come in small packages, so despite this plush supermini’s compact dimensions you’ll find that it’s available with a fantastic sound system.

While available as an optional extra, the £600 Harmon Kardon Hi-Fi sound system is a must if you care about sound quality. Mini manages to park a remarkable 12 speakers into the cabin, which deliver 360W and offer fantastic depth and clarity.

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