69 Plate Cars – What will be the top models in demand?

69 Plate Cars – What will be the top models in demand?

These 10 cars are likely to be the most popular models on the new registration plate.

With the new 69 plate here, many drivers will have the excitement of picking up their showroom-fresh new cars, from a whole host of manufacturers.

But what are expected to be the UK’s most popular cars on this new 69 plate?

Here we use data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) so far this year in 2019 to predict the models most likely to be the most popular new cars on this new registration plate.

Ford Fiesta

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With the Ford Fiesta being the best-selling car consistently since 2009, there is one thing that is certain about the new 69 plate models – that the new Fiesta will continue to be the most popular car.

Whether you’re looking at an entry-level model (Trend), a luxurious version (Vignale) or a hot hatch (ST) the Fiesta offers plenty to the masses.

Ford Focus

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The Focus is another of the UK’s top-selling cars, which continues to buck the trend of the rising number of crossovers and SUVs that buyers are choosing.

Thanks to a new ST model (offered in petrol and diesel form) which has recently gone on sale, the Focus is set to be a hugely popular new car on the 69 plate.

Volkswagen Golf

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While a new Volkswagen Golf is set to be unveiled before the end of the year, the current-generation 7.5 generation model will likely continue to be exceptionally popular on the new plate.

As with the Focus, a lengthy number of trim and engine options ensures buyers have plenty of choice when they’re choosing a new Golf.

Nissan Qashqai

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The UK’s most popular crossover is not likely to be topped off the popularity charts any time soon.

The Sunderland-built model offers great value for money, superb standard equipment levels and makes a fantastic family car, with these factors ensuring it will be a sales success for Nissan on the new plate.

Vauxhall Corsa

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The all-new Corsa isn’t expected to arrive in showrooms until the very end of the 69-plate period, but the current car remains particularly popular, and the UK’s second best-selling supermini.

Attractive finance offers and low list prices are ensuring the Corsa remains one of the top-selling cars.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

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Despite Mercedes-Benz being a premium brand, the A-Class is proving to be incredibly popular (and mainstream) for the German brand – currently being the sixth most popular car in the UK.

With the new A-Class saloon extending the line-up further, as well as a 415bhp A 45 joining the range shortly, this model will continue to be just as popular.

Volkswagen Polo

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The Polo is a model offering refinement and luxury way beyond what you would typically find in a supermini – helping the Polo to remain popular.

Efficient engines, lots of standard equipment and plenty of technology are further benefits to choosing the Polo.


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Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the three-door Mini Hatchback remains as popular as ever in this birthday year.

While Mini has bolstered this car’s infotainment and interior further in a recent facelift, it’s really the Mini’s quirky and iconic looks that are such a draw for buyers.

Kia Sportage

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It’s a testament to how far Kia has come that its Sportage crossover is now one of the UK’s best-selling cars.

Affordable pricing, a class-leading seven-year warranty and incredible standard equipment levels will mean the Sportage is set to continue being a sales hit on the new 69 plate.

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