Best MPVs to buy 2022

Best MPVs to buy 2022

Think the MPV market is dead? These models prove that’s far from the case

Just a decade ago, an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) was the obvious choice if you wanted a spacious family car. 

However, in recent years SUVs have dominated, with these models stealing a huge number of sales from MPVs. While many manufacturers have now pulled out of the segment in the UK, such as Kia, Seat and Renault, this segment is far from dead, particularly as a number of new models have come to market already in 2022. 

So what are the best new MPVs to buy? Let’s take a look…

Ford S-Max Hybrid

Ford’s S-Max might not be the newest MPV on the market, but it’s more than able to hold its own next to newer rivals. Acting as the sportier alternative to the brand’s Galaxy people carrier, the S-Max is good to drive and also looks the part, while still being a very spacious seven-seater. 

You also get plenty of standard equipment included, such as keyless entry, front and rear parking sensors and an eight-inch touchscreen. Ford has recently made the range hybrid-only, with all versions coming with an efficient petrol-electric powertrain that can quite comfortably return 50mpg.

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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

BMW might not be the first car manufacturer you think of when it comes to MPVs, but the firm has actually been competing in this market since 2014 with its 2 Series Active Tourer. It’s now back for a second generation, bringing with it new engines, more interior space and a raft of new technology, 

Though unlike others on this list, it’s a strict five-seater, it still offers far more interior space than any similarly sized hatchback. BMW will soon be introducing a pair of all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid models too, offering an impressive electric range of up to 49 miles.

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Citroen e-Berlingo

Citroen’s van-based Berlingo MPV has proven a great choice for families seeking a low-cost and hugely practical car in recent years, and it’s continuing on into the electric era too. That’s because the French firm has recently discontinued the petrol and diesel versions, meaning the electric e-Berlingo is now your only option. 

However, provided you don’t do a huge number of miles, its 174-mile claimed range should still be plenty, while it remains well-equipped and hugely practical. Two body sizes are available – M and XL – with each offering the option of seven seats.

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Dacia Jogger

A brand-new entry into the MPV segment is the Dacia Jogger, and if you want a practical family car on a budget, it’s hard to beat. That’s because its £14,995 starting price makes it by far the cheapest new seven-seater on the market, while it’s also more affordable to buy than most superminis, such as the Vauxhall Corsa and Toyota Yaris. 

It’s pretty roomy inside, while the design is funky and interesting as well. Coming from launch with a turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol engine, Dacia claims it should return around 50mpg too. Sure, the Jogger isn’t amazing to drive, or high-quality inside, but for space and value, it’s unmatched.

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Volkswagen Touran 

The Touran might now be one of Volkswagen’s longest-serving models, but this MPV is still able to hold its own. Based on the previous-generation Golf, the Touran offers a high-quality interior and a very solid driving experience that ensure it remains competitive. 

There’s plenty of space inside it too, with seven-seat flexibility making it ideal for families. Just be aware that the Touran is noticeably more expensive than some of its rivals, particularly if you want a high-spec car.

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