Best small cars with big boots 2020

Best small cars with big boots 2020

Wanting a more compact model, but still want something with a large boot? Here are 10 great options

Small cars are no longer the one-dimensional tools they once were.

They’ve become more upmarket, techier and more practical. It means that, while small on the outside, they’re almost like a Tardis on the inside.

It means that if you need a big boot, you don’t have to choose a seven-seat MPV or SUV to get this. Here are 10 great cars with small boots…

Ford Puma – from £20,710

Along with being great to drive, stylish and efficient, Ford’s new Puma crossover also has another trick up its sleeve – its boot. Thanks to something known as the ‘MegaBox’ – essentially a 150-litre underfloor storage area – it allows for a 456-litre capacity in all.

This plastic-lined area is great for storing muddy boots and clothes, while a plug at the bottom means you can easily clean it out, too. You’re also able to stand a set of golf clubs upright in the back.

Skoda Kamiq – from £18,925

Skoda introduced its Kamiq last year, and despite being the firm’s smallest crossover, it really impresses with just how versatile it is. While not having the largest boot at 400 litres, Skoda offers a host of flexible boot solutions.

Whether it be luggage nets, mounting fixtures and fittings and a double-sided boot floor – all of these things allow you to make the most of the Kamiq’s space, and make it more useful in the real world than rivals.

Fiat Tipo – from £15,550

If you’re looking for a family hatchback that offers a big boot and impressive value, a model high on your shopping list should be the Fiat Tipo. With its 440-litre boot, it’s a long way ahead of rivals in this class, such as the Vauxhall Astra and Seat Leon.

Generous rear seat space adds to the Tipo’s appeal for the family car market, while starting prices of just £15,550 make it more affordable than plenty of superminis in the class below.

Renault Clio – from £15,295

You might not think of the Renault Clio as a model that’s all that roomy, but with this latest fifth-generation model, it’s all change. In fact, this new Clio, despite being slightly smaller in terms of dimensions, is actually roomier than its predecessor. Its boot space has increased from an average 300 litres through to a superb 391 litres – making it bigger than that in the Volkswagen Golf.

Add in a stylish design, a high-quality interior and an enjoyable driving experience and the Clio is a fantastic small – yet spacious – car.

Volkswagen Polo – from £17,030

The Polo is one of Volkswagen’s core models, and throughout the years it’s become more advanced and roomier than ever. This is shown clearly with the latest version of this premium supermini, which features a large 351-litre boot – making it one of the roomiest models in this class.

If you’re looking to downsize from a car from the class above (VW’s own Golf, for example), the Polo is a brilliant choice.

Fiat 500X – from £18,895

The chic 500 is a hugely popular car, and appeals with its cool retro styling and fun character. But one thing it’s not so good at doing is being spacious and roomy.

So, if you’re finding the regular 500 city car just a bit too small for you, you should undoubtedly consider the 500X crossover. Its 350-litre boot is nearly twice the size of the regular car, and makes this compact SUV a rather appealing option if you’re wanting something that looks cool but is still roomy. 

Seat Ibiza – from £16,475

Given the Seat Ibiza sits on the same platform as the Volkswagen Polo, it’s not surprising that this Spanish supermini is rather spacious for such a compact model. In fact, it’s ever so slightly bigger than the Polo – its boot measuring 355 litres.

The Ibiza also deserves high praise for being one of the best cars to drive in the supermini class, while its stylish exterior makes it look the part as well.

Skoda Fabia Estate – from £15,540

Small estate cars have slowly fallen out of fashion, and there are now few to choose from. But one of the only options still available is the Skoda Fabia Estate.

So, despite it offering a similar footprint to the average family hatchback – this model offers a rather generous 530 litres of boot space – expanding to 1,395 with the rear bench folded. Lots of standard kit and affordable pricing and finance agreements makes this Skoda worth considering if you find a regular hatchback just not quite roomy enough.

Renault Zoe – from £26,495

Small electric cars aren’t known for being especially roomy, because the large batteries often eat into boot space. But that’s not an issue that affects the Renault Zoe, which is one of the UK’s most popular EVs.

While its 338-litre boot isn’t as large as the regular Clio, it’s still an excellent size for a compact electric car. Especially given the new Zoe features a large 50kWh battery pack that enables a class-leading range of 245 miles.

Kia Picanto – from £10,220

It’s true that some of the cars on this list might not be as ‘small’ as you might hope, but one model that’s size can’t be disputed is the Kia Picanto. It’s the only city car on this list, and the one with the largest boot in its class at 255 litres.

Given it occupies such a small footprint, it’s really quite impressive just how roomy the Picanto is. It also is quite a striking design, as well as the bonus of a class-leading seven-year warranty.

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