Cheapest hybrids to run in 2019

Cheapest hybrids to run in 2019

If you’re not ready to make the switch to an EV just yet, these hybrids can help to cut your running costs.

With more and more people making the move over to a plug-in vehicle – may that be an EV or a plug-in hybrid – it’s easy to see why when you consider the fuel saving benefits these models offer.

Whether it’s a traditional hybrid setup or a PHEV model, these vehicles can really help drivers to cut their running costs – particularly those who live in towns and cities.

Our top five hybrids will all prove to be cheap to run.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

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The Mondeo has typically been seen as a model that’s favoured by those wanting a diesel-powered motor. But increasingly, Mondeo buyers are making the switch to Ford’s efficient hybrid powertrain in the body style.

While it’s not a plug-in hybrid, the Mondeo manages 52.3mpg, with low CO2 emissions of 98g/km, which are good stats for a car of this size.

Hyundai Ioniq

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Hyundai’s important Ioniq is one of just a handful of cars offered with two different hybrid powertrains – a plug-in and a conventional hybrid.

Both are impressively efficient, and Hyundai has recently updated its Ioniq with a stylish facelift, along with further connectivity features through the South Korean manufacturer’s Blue Link app. 

BMW 330e

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BMW’s 3 Series is a fantastic car to drive, and combines this with an excellent interior.

The 330e also makes up a huge chunk of 3 Series sales, with one in three 3 series models sold being the plug-in hybrid – a testament to how good the car is.

The latest car’s 25-mile electric range might not be class-leading, but with BMW claiming up to 138mpg, it’s a superb way to cut your running costs.

Mini Countryman PHEV

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Mini’s loveable Countryman has traditionally just been offered with petrol and diesel engines, but more recently a plug-in hybrid version has been launched.

Badged as the Cooper S E All4, this version is quicker than the standard Cooper S model, as well as offering lower CO2 emissions and fantastic claimed fuel economy figures.

Volvo V60 T8

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Volvo’s range of T8 ‘Twin Engine’ plug-in hybrid models might not be the most efficient, but they are ideal for city dwellers who have easy access to charging points.

Keep the V60 T8 in its electric power zone and it could be very cheap to run, as well as incredibly fast if you occasionally want to push the model to its limits.

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