What is memory seating?

What is memory seating?

More and more cars are featuring a handy luxury feature called memory seating. We explain what it actually does.

Whatever sort of car you go for, it’s always preferable that the seats are comfortable and are positioned well for the driver.

Some cars nowadays, including premium brand models and family cars in higher trims, achieve a high standard for comfort and convenience thanks to the use of what’s called memory seating.

But what exactly is memory seating and how does it work? Read on to learn more.

How memory seating works

A memory seat is essentially an electrically-adjustable car seat which can be moved into pre-set positions at the push of a button.

While a traditional electric car seat already allows the driver to adjust its position and height to a comfortable position, it’s something the user would likely have to frequently readjust if they share the car with another driver.

Some electric car seats can offer a huge number of adjustments, which means that getting the seat back into its sweet spot can end up proving time consuming and a bit annoying.

A memory seat can remove this hassle by allowing the user to memorise the position the seat is currently in, via a serious of nearby buttons. The buttons are usually found on the driver’s door or on an area of the centre console near the driver’s door. Cars with memory seating can usually keep two saved seating positions, though some can keep as many as three.

Memory seating then is a particularly appealing option for someone who shares a car with at least one other user. If a driver gets in their car and the seat isn’t positioned how they like it anymore, they can just pick one of the pre-set options they’ve made to quickly get comfortable behind the wheel.

As mentioned earlier, your most likely to find memory seating on premium brand cars, since getting aftermarket memory seats for cars is usually either very difficult or practically impossible.

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