What is privacy glass?

What is privacy glass?

What is privacy glass? We explain how and why new cars are installed with tinted rear windows known as privacy glass.

Increasingly more models in the new car market are including a feature that is known as privacy glass.

It often comes as either one of the highlights of a car’s higher trim level or as purely an optional thing. But just what is privacy glass exactly and what are its benefits?

What privacy glass means and how it is made

Privacy glass is basically the formal term for windows on a car which have been tinted during the manufacturing process. Tinting is usually applied to the rear windows of a car.

While privacy glass usually comes from the factory the car was built in, some motorists may find it possible and opt to install privacy glass on their car via a third-party.

Privacy glass is usually created in an electrical process known as “deep dipping” which involves dyeing the inside of the glass used for a car with a dark pigment.

Family cars and executive models are predominantly the types of cars which have helped to make privacy glass a more common feature in the market in recent years.

When it is available as an optional feature, privacy glass tends to cost somewhere between £200 and £300 to add to a car.

Advantages of privacy glass

Putting privacy glass on cars can bring a few advantages. For one thing, it can filter out sunlight directed at the tinted windows.

Because it is difficult for outsiders to observe who or what is in the rear of a car with privacy glass, the feature can also benefit security. It is not a completely foolproof idea, but you could feel more comfortable about leaving items in the rear seating area or boot of your vehicle if privacy glass is installed to obscure what is in those areas.

On top of these advantages, some motorists may also appreciate having privacy glass from a fashion point too.

Having tinted rear windows can stand out on a car, especially when you compare them to the front windows which will have little to no tinting at all included. There are strict laws which cover how much tinting can be applied to front windows, which is why this luxury is usually reserved for the rear glass of a car.


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