5 reasons why the Honda Jazz is a great small family car

5 reasons why the Honda Jazz is a great small family car

The little Jazz packs a lot into a compact area

Honda’s Jazz brings a whole lot of practicality in a small area. It’s why it’s been a go-to option for those who want space without huge exterior dimensions for some time and it also means that it’s a great choice for families. 

The latest Jazz brings plenty of advancements without losing that all-important usability. Let’s take a look at the five reasons why it’s a great fit for families after a small car. 

It’s efficient

Fuel costs are a crucial factor when deciding on a new family car and in this respect the Jazz does very well. It’s only available as a hybrid, which combines a 1.5-litre petrol engine with two electric motors. The engine is largely used as a generator to feed the car’s battery, which means that around town you’re spending a lot of time travelling under electric-only power. 

As a result, its consumption figure is impressive at 58.9mpg, while CO2 emissions of 110g/km are very low too. 

There’s a chunky Crosstar version available 

The popularity of the crossover is hard to ignore, which is why Honda has given the Jazz a slightly chunkier look in the Crosstar. It’s got the same engine and basic layout as the regular car, but boasts a more rugged look thanks to a variety of black plastic additions in areas like the grille and side skirts. 

You also get ‘water-resistant’ fabric on the seats, replacing the regular cloth or half-leather trim. 

It’s impressively spacious

The Jazz has always been a bit of a Tardis and the latest one is no different. Thanks to its upright shape there’s plenty of space for taller passengers, while Honda’s clever ‘Magic Seats’, which fold completely flat to create a large load area, mean that the Jazz can take a lot more luggage than you’d expect. 

Plenty of glass means that the cabin feels light and airy too, bringing even more space into the interior of the car. 

There’s plenty of standard equipment 

Even in entry-level SE trim, the Jazz brings a lot of standard equipment. Highlights include adaptive cruise control, climate control, the aforementioned ‘Magic Seats’ and automatic headlights. 

You can move up the grades and gain more luxurious features, with SR-specification cars boasting wireless Apple CarPlay, front and rear parking sensors and a nine-inch infotainment system, among other features. 

It’s compact

Often if you’re looking for a spacious and practical car it requires you to opt for a larger vehicle than you might’ve initially planned for. The Jazz, however, goes against that. Despite its compact proportions it’s got a lot of space to offer, with more than enough room for four adults to sit in comfort. 

This means that if you’re often parking in tighter spaces or negotiating more urban areas, the Jazz’s small proportions will really come into their own. 

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