Amazon considering driverless cars to deliver your packages

Amazon considering driverless cars to deliver your packages

Amazon, one of the world's biggest retail companies, is considering using driverless car-tech to support package deliveries.

The retail giant Amazon is reportedly considering using driverless cars to help it speed up deliveries and reduce shipping costs.

Online reports reveal that Amazon has put together a 12-person team which will focus on working out how to incorporate cars with driverless tech into Amazon’s supply chain. Rather than try and develop their own driverless vehicles however, it’s believed that Amazon will look to make use of third-party self-driving tech.

Such an approach would be similar to the one taken by companies like Uber, which has teamed up with manufacturers including Volvo and Toyota on driverless tech.

It’s reported that Amazon are not only considering driverless cars for package drop-offs, but could also use autonomous trucks, forklifts and drones to help move goods around warehouses and other locations, saving money on logistics and delivery processes.

Amazon is currently developing a service which will see flying drones deliver packages to customers in a short amount of time. The first successful test of the service, known as Amazon Prime Air, occurred late last year.

Earlier this year, Amazon was awarded a patent for a network that would allow driverless cars to navigate traffic and lanes on motorways.

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