Mazda CX-80: Spacious New SUV Arrives in UK

Mazda CX-80: Spacious New SUV Arrives in UK

Mazda is set to re-enter the seven-seater SUV market with the launch of the CX-80 this autumn, marking a significant addition to its European line-up after a six-year hiatus. The CX-80, which builds on the foundations laid by the CX-60, introduces a longer wheelbase and increased height to accommodate three rows of seating, making it a direct competitor to models like the Volvo XC90 and Hyundai Santa Fe.

The new flagship model stretches 4995mm in length, stands 1710mm tall, and measures 1890mm in width, positioning it as the largest vehicle Mazda has offered in Europe. It provides a boot capacity of 258 litres with all seats in use, which expands to 687 litres with the third row folded, and up to 1221 litres with the second and third rows down.

Customers will have the option to choose between a standard three-seat bench or a pair of reclining captain's chairs for the middle row, enhancing versatility and comfort.

The Mazda CX-80 sports a design closely aligned with its smaller sibling, the CX-60, particularly evident in its front appearance. The SUV maintains the brand's signature styling but is adapted to accommodate its larger size, making it suitable for its role as a three-row family vehicle. The CX-80's lengthened wheelbase and slightly increased height compared to the CX-60 allow for a more spacious interior without significantly altering its width, preserving the vehicle’s overall proportions.

In profile, the CX-80's design leverages its increased dimensions, featuring extended side windows with thicker surrounds that straighten at the D Pillar, emphasizing the additional third row of seating. Integrated roof rails contribute to a streamlined look, suggesting a blend of functionality and style.

Mazda introduces two new paint colours with the CX-80—Artisan Red and Melting Copper, adding to an already diverse colour palette that includes Jet Black, Deep Crystal Blue, Platinum Quartz, Arctic White, Rhodium White, Machine Grey, and Soul Red Crystal. These colours provide a range of options for personalization, from subtle to vibrant, catering to varied customer preferences. The new colours, like the existing ones, use Mazda’s Takuminuri painting technology, which is known for its depth and vibrancy.

Under the hood, the CX-80 shares its engine lineup with the CX-60, featuring a mild-hybrid 3.3-litre straight-six diesel engine delivering 250bhp and 406lb ft of torque. This setup achieves a 0-62mph acceleration time of 8.4 seconds and a top speed of 136mph. Additionally, a plug-in hybrid option combines a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with a 17.8kWh battery and electric motor, producing a total of 323bhp and 369lb ft of torque. This more powerful variant reduces the 0-62mph time to 6.8 seconds and offers an electric-only range of 32 miles.

Both engine choices are coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission and feature all-wheel drive with a rear bias. This configuration aims to maintain Mazda’s reputation for vehicles that are engaging to drive.

Christian Schultze, Mazda's Europe R&D head, explained the choice of continuing with a diesel option and delaying the introduction of a fully electric model by highlighting ongoing developments in EV technology and current consumer usage patterns.

The CX-80 is designed not just for comfort but also for practicality. It boasts a kinematic posture control system that minimizes body roll during fast cornering and additional structural bracing to enhance towing capacity up to 2500kg. This makes it competitive in towing capability, matching the Hyundai Santa Fe and surpassing the Volvo XC90.

As for the interiors, the CX-80 will mirror the CX-60's trim levels, ranging from the entry-level Exclusive Line to the top-spec Homura Plus. Standard features across the board include tri-zone air conditioning, a 12.3-inch infotainment display, wireless smartphone integration, and Amazon Alexa voice control. A novel facial recognition feature remembers settings for different drivers, adding a personalized touch to the driving experience.

The Mazda CX-80, featuring ample space, advanced technology, and solid performance, is expected to be a competitive option in the UK SUV market when it becomes available later this year.