BMW SUV range 2023: What’s available?

BMW SUV range 2023: What’s available?

Looking for a new BMW SUV? Here we look at all the models available

SUVs are more in-trend than they’ve ever been, and one of the brands right at the forefront of these high-riding models is BMW. 

Kickstarting its SUV offensive in 1999 with the X5, BMW has continued to grow its line-up, to the point it now has 11 SUVs on offer, with recent new entries including the iX1 and important XM. 

But how do you choose the right BMW SUV? Let’s take a look at the full range. 


BMW’s most compact SUV, the X1, arrived in 2009, with the latest third-generation model reaching dealerships late in 2022. Though it might be the ‘entry-level’ choice in the German firm’s SUV line-up, it certainly doesn’t feel that way with its roomy interior and BMW’s latest infotainment system. 

Available with a choice of petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid powertrains, the X1 is good to drive and feels like a worthy option if you’re looking to downsize from a larger SUV without compromise. 


The big news on this latest generation X1 however, is that you can choose it as an EV for the first time, with the iX1. With the i3 recently being discontinued, it serves as BMW’s most affordable EV, and retains all the strengths of the standard SUV. 

BMW has been keen to ‘right size’ the iX1’s powertrain, with a relatively compact battery allowing for a claimed range of up to 270 miles, though it’s still able to charge quickly. When the first models start arriving in 2023, it’s expected to be an important model for BMW. 


If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of interior space in the name of style, it’s worth taking a look at the BMW X2. Based on the previous X1, it brings more dynamic styling and a sportier feel behind the wheel. 

Its design is quite different to everything else that BMW sells, but the same focus on quality remains. A broad range of engines is available, including a plug-in hybrid and the range-topping M35i model that boasts 302bhp and a 0-60mph time of 4.7 seconds. 


One of BMW’s most established SUVs is the X3, which has been around in various forms since 2003. A very popular choice with families, the X3 is roomy, well-built and just a terrific all-rounder. 

Last updated a year or so ago, it boasts much of BMW’s latest technology, though retains a more traditional cabin layout that might suit some buyers. The plug-in hybrid proves popular, while there’s a fantastic range of engines, with the top-spec 503bhp X3 M Competition sitting at the top of the line-up. 


The iX3 was BMW’s first electric SUV, and it’s established itself as a very popular choice in this segment. Retaining all of the same strengths of the regular X3, it brings a smooth and efficient electric powertrain into the mix. 

Claiming 285 miles from a single charge, it’s much more efficient than rivals like the Audi Q8 e-tron, while offering a classy and fuss-free design. 


Coupe-styled SUVs have really grown in popularity in recent years, and the X4 is one of the better options if you want a sleeker-looking model. Offering a far more interesting design than the straight-laced X3 it’s based on, it will be the aesthetic of the X4 that tempts many to sign on the dotted line. 

But there’s more to the X4 than just its looks, as it’s got a fantastic interior and is good to drive as well. Though there’s no plug-in option, BMW offers a good range of petrol and diesel models, including the X4 M Competition at the top of the line-up. 


BMW’s original SUV remains one of the best models in this class, and excels in all the areas that matter. It offers a vast amount of space, with a third row of seats available as an option, and it’s great to drive by SUV standards. 

The plug-in hybrid xDrive45e model is really helping the X5’s sales success too, namely because its large battery allows for a claimed 50-plus miles of electric range and very low company car tax rates. 


The X6 was the first coupe-SUV of its type, and remains a controversial choice many years later. But if you like the bold and imposing design, there’s a lot more to the X6 than just its design. 

Offering a stunning interior filled with high-end materials, it’s brimmed with equipment and is great to drive. The 616bhp X6 M Competition is one of BMW’s most powerful cars ever, too. 


A relatively new entry to BMW’s SUV line-up is the X7. Majoring on comfort and luxury rather than outright performance, it’s a full-size seven-seater, though customers can choose from a more executive-focused six-seat configuration. 

The X7 has also recently benefited from a mid-life update, gaining new six- and eight-cylinder engines with mild-hybrid technology, expanded equipment and the latest in BMW’s design language. 


The iX arrived as BMW’s first bespoke electric SUV, and immediately made a statement. Though its design won’t appeal to all, what can’t be disputed is the quality of the interior, which helped to usher in a new wave of technology and infotainment for the German firm. 

The iX is also brilliant to drive, while its large battery (on top-spec versions) gives it a significant electric range of up to 380 miles. There’s also an ‘M60’ model that packs astonishing pace. 


A new entry to BMW’s SUV line-up is the XM. It’s arguably the firm’s most divisive design to date, and is a model that comes from BMW’s M division; being its first bespoke model after a number of years.

Debuting and being sold exclusively with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that will be used across various other BMW M models in the future, its 4.4-litre V8-electric setup produces 644bhp, making it the most powerful production BMW ever made.

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