Citroen Berlingo sales soar past 200,000

Citroen Berlingo sales soar past 200,000

Over 200,000 units of the latest-generation Berlingo have been sold globally, taking a 16 per cent market share in Europe.

Citroen is celebrating as the latest generation of its Berlingo has soared past 200,000 sales globally.

Since arriving on the market in 2018, it has become Citroen’s second-best selling model worldwide after the C3 supermini. 2019 alone saw 150,000 units sold, while 20,000 of total units accounted for are in the UK.

It even took an impressive 16 per cent market share within its segment last year, contributing hugely to Citroen’s market growth — claiming to be the strongest amongst the 12 best-selling carmakers in Europe.

See available Citroen Berlingo deals

Available in MPV or van form, the Citroen Berlingo is one of the most versatile vehicles in the market. As a people carrier, it can be had in five-seat M or seven-seat XL guise, both of which provide impressive comfort levels for all occupants as well as remarkable boot capacities. The MPV variant is available from £20,460.

Similarly, the van is available in M and XL forms — offering 654kg and 899kg payload capacities respectively. Pricing for the van kicks off at £16,680 excluding VAT and other fees.

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