Ford adds protection to smart fobs

Ford adds protection to smart fobs

By introducing a sleep mode to the devices, the fobs will be more secure against hackers attempting to break into vehicles.

In an attempt to limit the amount of vehicles stolen due to vulnerabilities in their keyless entry systems, Ford has introduced a new security upgrade for its Fiesta and Focus vehicles.

The new keyless entry devices have now been fitted with a sleep mode, which after 40 seconds of the fob being stationary or inactive is turned on so that any exterior signals that would normally trick the device into thinking it was near its respective vehicle can’t take effect.

Ford keyless fob security

Many thefts of cars with keyless entry use ‘relay box’ equipment that extends the signal emitted by current fobs to unlock the vehicle. This measure would mean thieves would have to work much faster and are more likely to get caught if they tried.

Ford say that its fobs only work within a two-metre radius of its vehicles anyway, but this solution would limit the risk of vehicles being ‘hacked’ into.

On picking up the fob, it would come out of sleep mode and reactivate so that users could get in their vehicles.

Fiesta models are already being delivered with said technology, while Focus models will be provided with them from next month.

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Ford keyless fob security

Those wanting security upgrades on their current car can get a new keyless fob – with Fiesta options costing £65 and Focus fobs costing £72. An additional payment for 0.9 hours’ worth of labour would also be required.

Ford security specialist Simon Hurr said: “The online availability of devices which have no place in public hands has long been a problem for Ford, our industry and crime fighters.

“We are pleased to respond with a simple but effective solution – swiftly implemented to help protect owners of our top-selling cars.”

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