Ford enhances keyless car theft protection

Ford enhances keyless car theft protection

The firm is expanding its range of models with key fobs that protect against ‘hacking’

The rise in car theft in recent years spurred on by the rise of ‘keyless cars’ has proven a worry to many, but Ford is again stepping up its fight against this with additional technology that limits the chances of a vehicle being stolen.

Criminals have been increasingly exploiting keyless cars by using special relay devices that ‘connect’ to the signals in the car key, which allows them to then unlock a keyless car and also start it using the device. 

To help combat this type of crime, Ford introduced a new ‘sleep mode’ to its fobs on its best-selling Fiesta and Focus. The keys include a motion detector, and when the fob has been stationary for more than 40 seconds it will turn the signals off, meaning a criminals’ relay boxes won’t be able to connect to the key or the car - helping to prevent theft.

Ford has now introduced the technology to its popular Kuga and Puma models, while the new Mustang Mach-E EV also comes with the feature as standard.

Simon Hurr, Ford security specialist, said:  “The online availability of devices, which have no place in public hands, has long been a problem for Ford, our industry and crime fighters.  We are pleased to extend our simple but effective solution, to help protect more owners of our most popular cars.”

Ford has also expanded its range of security features on its cars, while any customer with a Fiesta and Focus that has keyless technology but not one of the new fobs is able to upgrade them at a Ford dealer.

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