Ford Fiesta is the UK's best-selling car ever: And here’s why!

Ford Fiesta is the UK's best-selling car ever: And here’s why!

The Ford Fiesta is continuously known as the best-selling car in the UK. Topping the leaderboard with 94,533 models sold in 2017, we explain why.

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It is safe to say that the Ford Fiesta is a British driver’s favourite. After surpassing the Ford Escort as the best-selling car in the UK ever back in 2014, the small hatchback has gone from strength to strength, and is now in its seventh generation.

But what is it about the hatchback that has made it so popular in its 42-year tenure on the Ford roster? We take a look…

Ford Fiesta Mk1

First off, it’s affordable

One thing that British people love when it comes to buying cars is a bargain, and what Ford has managed to do throughout the Fiesta’s lifespan is keep it at a reasonable price. The Mk1 started at a very reasonable £1,856 back in 1977 – which is around £10,500 adjusted for inflation. As the hatchback market has evolved though, the Fiesta has maintained its status as an affordable model, and even if some vehicles can undercut it, not many can compete on the Fiesta’s value for money.

Ford Fiesta Mk2

They are pretty reliable

Considering how many have been built and how long they’ve been sold for, the Fiesta has done well on the reliability front – and is getting better still. Since 1992, the Fiesta has only had 23 recalls across five generations, and many of those were for minor faults. This helps to show that Fiestas can be run into the ground.

Ford Fiesta Mk3

Compact, but practical

Although the Fiesta has grown lengthwise considerably since it first launched – 20.5cm in fact – it has always been a useful supermini that can be great for whizzing around town and carrying plenty of stuff at the same time. In the latest version, Ford has engineered 292 litres for the boot space, which can be extended to 1,093 litres when the rear seats are folded down. That’s a true benchmark in the supermini market.

Ford Fiesta Mk4

It drives brilliantly

Ford has prided itself on making cars that people enjoy driving, and the Fiesta has been the heart of that since the late 70s. Combining sharp steering, a well-balanced chassis and a great balance between fun and comfort, the Fiesta has always been the best in the supermini market in that respect, and continues to lead the way.

Ford Fiesta Mk5

Style has never been a problem

Yes, the early versions have aged and aren’t considered cool in terms of modern design, but the Fiesta has always fitted into its era perfectly. Take the sixth generation, for example. It was ground-breaking for the hatchback market as it combined angular modern styling with practicality. The Fiesta has done this with every new iteration, and continues to do so in the latest model.

Ford Fiesta Mk6

Ford has been around for ages

As one of the longest-running car manufacturers, Ford has gained a reputation for producing great cars for the masses, and continues to do so. It has made some of the most iconic cars in British motoring history, too, such as the Escort Cosworth, Cortina and RS2000, so will always have great standing with the British public.

2017 Ford Fiesta Mk7 small hatchback supermini

The ST

Although it hasn’t always had this name, the hot version of the Fiesta has been an iconic model and continues to lead the hot hatch market. The most-recent version of the ST released in 2013 was a joy to drive and look at, and the XR2 from the 80s was a pocket rocket that lit up the supermini market. A perfect little car that will excite you every day.

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Ford Fiesta ST Mk5 Mk6 hot hatchback

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