Ford unveils ‘ultimate virtual racing car’

Ford unveils ‘ultimate virtual racing car’

Team Fordzilla P1 concept was developed in collaboration with gamers.

Ford has revealed a unique virtual racing car created through a collaboration between Ford designers and the gaming community. 

The Team Fordzilla P1 concept was created through fan votes on Twitter issued at different design areas. Gamers could pick the seating position, for instance, as well as the cockpit style and even the drivetrain. 

Two designs were put forward for the final poll and close to 225,000 people voted for their preference. 

Created by Ford exterior designer Arturo Ariño, the P1 takes inspiration from the Ford GT yet incorporates ‘morphing technology’ to allow it to use the stability of a longtail racer on high-speed circuits, yet use a shorter body for tighter race tracks like Monaco. 

Ariño said: “Project P1 took me to the beginning of it all. The reason why I became a car designer in the first place was to design something never seen before and something that pushes the boundaries. This vehicle will be visually stunning, and while it will push the gamer to the limits of focus and reflexes, it will also be hugely rewarding to drive.”

Ford expects that it will be able to introduce the racer into a popular racing game in 2021. 

Not only that, but Ford has announced that it will build a full-size scale model of the concept before the end of the year. It’s part of a continuing project by Ford that takes findings made in the virtual world and applies them to concepts for reality.

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