How you can get one year’s free electricity for your hybrid Volvo

How you can get one year’s free electricity for your hybrid Volvo

The offer is part of Volvo’s push to use electric cars more effectively

Volvo is one of the manufacturers with one of the most extensive electrified line-ups of any firm – having a plug-in hybrid version of each of its models.

And as the Swedish manufacturer seeks to move towards becoming a fully-electric brand, these models are instrumental to converting drivers to electrified offerings.

But the one issue with plug-in hybrid models is that many drivers haven’t used them as effectively as they could – many not taking advantage of the electricity, and merely using the petrol engine for the most part. Volvo is seeking to address this by offering all its new PHEV customers a year of free electricity.

Here’s what you need to know about the offer…

It’s powered by the Volvo ‘on Call’ app

Car companion apps are becoming instrumental to the day-to-day running of modern cars – particularly on plug-in hybrid models.

Volvo’s on Call app is one of the most useful, and more so now that the free electricity offer will be powered through this.

Essentially the app can track the car’s energy usage, and Volvo will be able to see how much electricity has been used throughout the year. The reimbursement of the electricity will then be powered through the app. Drivers must register their vehicle and details through the app to qualify for the offer.

When is the offer available?

Volvo started its free electricity offer on October 16, and any model bought since then will qualify for this free electricity offer.

Volvo will continue to run the offer until June 30, 2020, so there is still plenty of time to take advantage of this free electricity offer.

What Volvos are eligible for the offer?

As we mentioned earlier, every Volvo model available today is offered with a plug-in hybrid variant, and it’s these that the year of free electricity applies to. The smallest and most affordable option is the Volvo XC40 T5 SUV. If you’re looking for a saloon, opt for the S60 T8 or larger S90 T8.

Volvo also has its estate models covered, too, with the V60 T8 or grand V90 T8 each included in this offer. Other popular SUVs are offered, too – the XC60 T8 and seven-seat XC90 T8.

What about terms and conditions?

One of the key terms of the offer is that the vehicle must be owned for a minimum of 12 months, while the maximum electricity consumption for the offer is 3000kWh, though this exceeds what many drivers will use per year. The offer can also not be transferred when you sell the car, either.

It’s worth noting that the electricity cost that’s reimbursed will be the average cost of electricity in the UK as determined by third-party sources.

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