Jeep Renegade e-Hybrid: What you need to know

Jeep Renegade e-Hybrid: What you need to know

You might consider the Jeep name to be synonymous with big, thirsty 4x4s, but in recent years this American brand has set out to change that perception with the introduction of its first electrified models. 

First up came plug-in hybrid versions of the Renegade and Compass, known as the 4xe, while overseas, drivers can already get hybrid versions of the Wrangler and Wagoneer. 

Now Jeep is looking to expand its electrified range further with the addition of an e-Hybrid version of the Compass and Renegade. Here we explore what you need to know about the latter… 

It’s the first mild-hybrid to come from Jeep

Mild-hybrids are proving to be a popular way for manufacturers to give their customers cleaner cars without the steep outlay that comes with regular hybrids and PHEVs. 

Up until now, though, Jeep hasn’t offered any systems of the kind, so the e-Hybrid helps to introduce cleaner engine technology to its range, bringing benefits to customers, as well as the company itself. 

Completely new engine

Underpinning the Renegade e-Hybrid is a new four-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol engine that was always designed with electrification in mind, while also using a new seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The engine itself produces 128bhp and 240Nm of torque. 

Joining the engine is a 48-volt electric motor that brings additional performance, while also helping to reduce running costs too. 

Fuel consumption improved up to 15 per cent 

And really it’s these low running costs that are the main draw with this new e-Hybrid; because the electric motor is able to power the car on its own (unlike many other mild-hybrids), it really helps to aid the efficiency of it. 

In fact, Jeep says the e-Hybrid offers up to a 15 per cent reduction in fuel consumption compared with the previous petrol versions, along with noticeable reductions in CO2 emissions too. It’s worth noting that full efficiency figures have yet to be confirmed. 

Impressive range of hybrid modes

Jeep has thoroughly engineered the Renegade e-Hybrid, and it offers a huge range of modes and driving characteristics. 

A few highlights of using the mild-hybrid system is that the car starts in electric mode, rather than using the petrol engine. It’s also able to travel for short bursts purely as an ‘EV’, such as when parking or in heavy traffic. These settings do, however, depend on the charge of the battery at the time. 

New special edition model launched 

While the Renegade e-Hybrid will be offered in a range of trim levels for customers, Jeep is marking the occasion with the addition of a new Upland special edition. 

It comes painted in funky Matter Azur paintwork, along with gloss black 17-inch alloy wheels. Elsewhere, it features a range of bronze styling elements to make it stand out. Inside, Jeep is majoring in sustainability, as the seats are manufactured from Seaqual, a material made from recycled plastics gathered from the oceans. Various other plastic panels in the interior also derive from recycled materials. 

The new Jeep Renegade e-Hybrid is now available to order, with prices starting from £31,130.

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