Mazda Sets Ambitious Targets for Carbon Neutrality

Mazda Sets Ambitious Targets for Carbon Neutrality

Mazda Motor Corporation, in a significant environmental initiative, has outlined a comprehensive plan aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in its factories worldwide by 2035. This ambitious endeavour begins with a focus on its domestic plants in Japan, which are responsible for a significant portion of its CO2 emissions.


A Steady March Towards a Greener Future

Mazda's roadmap to sustainability includes a critical mid-term target: by Fiscal Year 2030, the company aims to slash CO2 emissions from its Japanese factories and operational sites by 69% compared to the levels recorded in FY2013. Given that these facilities currently contribute to three-quarters of Mazda's total CO2 emissions, achieving this goal could mark a substantial step forward in its global environmental strategy.

The Three Pillars of Mazda's Eco-Strategy

Mazda's approach to carbon neutrality rests on three foundational pillars:


Energy Conservation: Mazda introduces Internal Carbon Pricing as a new criterion in its capital investment decisions. This move aims to prioritize investments that significantly reduce CO2 emissions, encompassing improvements in production, infrastructure, and technological advancements.


Transition to Renewable Energy: A notable shift in Mazda's strategy involves changing the energy source for power generation at its Hiroshima plant from fossil fuels to liquid ammonia. Additionally, Mazda plans to leverage corporate Purchase Power Agreements to increase its procurement of sustainable, non-fossil fuel-derived energy, aiming for a 75% non-fossil fuel power usage by FY2030.


Adoption of Carbon Neutral Fuels: For in-company transportation, Mazda is switching from diesel to next-generation biofuel. In instances where alternative fuel sources are impractical, the company will utilize the J-credit scheme, which supports forest conservation and reforestation efforts to absorb CO2.


Collaborative Efforts for a Sustainable Future

In a landmark move, Mazda and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. have signed an agreement regarding J-Credits, generated through responsible forest management aimed at fostering a carbon-neutral society. These credits, certified by the Japanese government, will be generated through joint efforts in forest development, with a portion of the revenue dedicated to forest management and natural disaster preparedness.