Most parents unaware of child car seat rules, study finds

A recent study has found that around two-thirds of parents in Britain are not aware of the rules regarding child car seats.

A survey by quizzing 1,500 UK parents with children aged below 12 found that 66 per cent were unaware of current child car seat laws. Only 13 per cent could correctly detail the new rules set to arrive in March, while 56 per cent were unaware the rules were about to change.

Currently, all children under the age of 12 or up to 135cm tall who are travelling in a vehicle must use the correct type of seat for their size. Also, children who weigh less than 15kg must use booster seats with backs irrespective of their height.

As of next month, children up to 125cm tall and 22kg in weight will require booster seats with backs. This rule, however, only applies to seats which are bought after the new rule is officially introduced. Those who are caught flouting the rules will face a £100 fine.

The motoring editor at, Amanda Stretton, said: “Given parents’ confusion about the current car seat regulations, the new rules about backless booster seats will make it even trickier for parents to understand how to keep their children safe.

“The fact that backless car seats will still be acceptable to use if they were bought before the law change sends mixed safety messages.”

For more information on child car seats and the rules surrounding them, you can read our detailed guide.

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