Nationwide ban on pavement parking being considered

Nationwide ban on pavement parking being considered

MPs considering the ban to combat antisocial parking

MPs are looking at bringing in a nationwide ban to prevent people parking on pavements in a bid to tackle an issue described as a “blight”

A new report from the influential transport committee has criticised the government for not doing enough to tackle the issue, which in some cases makes people afraid to leave their homes. The group, made up of MPs from the spectrum of political parties, also said that when drivers park across footpaths it can also exacerbate loneliness.

The group recommended that parking on footpaths should be banned across England, while local councils should be given more powers to target ‘anti-social parking behaviour’.

Lilian Greenwood MP, who chairs the transport committee, said: “We are deeply concerned that the Government has failed to act on this issue, despite long-standing promises to do so.

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“The Government’s inaction has left communities blighted by unsightly and obstructive pavement parking and individuals afraid or unable to leave their homes or safely navigate the streets.

“In the long-term we believe the Government should ban pavement parking across England – as is already the case in London.

“Local authorities could create exemptions if they choose to do so, but drivers would know that unless it was expressly permitted it was illegal to park their car on the pavement.”

It was acknowledged in the Pavement Parking report that a nationwide ban would not be able to be implemented overnight.

In response to the report, a spokeswoman for the Department for Transport said: “We are committed to ensuring that our roads work for everyone, but we are also aware that pavement parking can cause real problems for a variety of road users.

“The department recently concluded a review to better understand the case for changing the law, and ministers will be considering our next steps over the coming months.”

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