New Ford Fiesta vs New Ford Focus: Which is best?

New Ford Fiesta vs New Ford Focus: Which is best?

Both of these hatchbacks are popular amongst British motorists, but which one is the best? We take a look at both.

For Ford, the Fiesta and Focus are its two most popular options, as the hatchback market continues to be one of the largest in the United Kingdom.

Both are catered to different sections – the Fiesta more of a youthful option, while the Focus is aimed at families – but both offer a practical outlay that prove to be admired by many motorists.

But out of the two, which one is the better car? We look at the Fiesta and the Focus to see which one comes out on top.

2017 Ford Fiesta


The chic supermini was updated in 2017 to come with a more mature but no less modern design, as well as being fitted with new technology and an improved overall finish.

As the car that continues to be the country’s best-seller, the Fiesta offers a great package that – when specced as such – can come with features such as adaptive cruise control, active park assist, lane keeping assist and pre-collision assist autonomous braking.

Under the bonnet, customers can choose the incredibly efficient EcoBoost petrol engines that also offer plenty of performance so you can zip around without too much hassle. The chassis setup is also excellent – meaning it drives well pretty much everywhere.

Ford offer the Fiesta in three distinctive ranges, the standard hatch, the Active crossover-inspired version and the hot ST. All of these offer something a bit different, with the top-end model in the standard range – the Vignale – coming with a large amount of chrome detailing for a more premium finish.

With prices starting from £13,715, it is pretty cheap and monthly costs are also very low, making this an excellent selection for those just getting into the new car market. Running costs aren’t bad either, and when you consider what equipment you get as well – such as Bluetooth, air conditioning and Ford’s NCAP safety pack – it’s clear why the Fiesta is so popular.

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2018 Ford Focus


The Focus has been a likeable and reliable addition to the Ford line-up since it replaced the Escort in the late 90s and the new one only builds on its predecessors’ successes.

Coming to showrooms next month, the new Focus draws many of its details from the Fiesta, such as the grille and angular bodywork, and is also fitted with a lot of interesting kit – including active park assist, Ford’s Co-Pilot360 safety system that includes adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assists, and dynamic headlights.

Fitted with both EcoBoost petrols and EcoBlue diesel engines, the Focus has efficient units available to drivers – which is what made the last model so enticing for drivers – with a new eight-speed automatic transmission with rotary shifter on offer for those wanting an even more relaxed drive.

Although not released yet, expect the Focus to come with both ST and RS versions, which will make the large hatchback more fun to drive, while a crossover-inspired Active version is coming towards the end of 2018.

Where the Focus excels over the Fiesta is space, as the larger Focus can swallow up more equipment and luggage – making it much more practical and better as a family vehicle. The Focus continues to be competitively priced as the new model starts from £17,930.


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2017 Ford Fiesta

Which one is best?

Both are excellent options in their own right, as they excel in the respective segments and continue to be incredibly popular with British motorists because they drive brilliantly. But if we were to choose one over the other, it would be the Fiesta, as the compact supermini has established itself as the British public’s favourite thanks to its funky looks, suitability to the urban environment and all-round brilliance – even if it is a fair bit smaller than the Focus.