New Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake shown in design sketches

New Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake shown in design sketches

The new more spacious version will debut alongside the regular Arteon later this month

Volkswagen has unveiled a new teaser image of its new Arteon Shooting Brake.

The sleek new model is set to rival the likes of the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake and offer a more practical version of Volkswagen’s Arteon fastback, which has been on sale since 2017.

It’s been spied testing on various occasions, but this is the first official image of it to come from Volkswagen. While exaggerated in these design sketches, the stylish estate-like shape can easily be seen in the new sketch.

It’s set to be shown alongside a facelifted version of the regular Arteon, which will receive light styling tweaks and technology and safety updates.

Key to the updated model will be a revised interior, with its touchscreen set to use the latest MIB3 operating system found in the latest VW Group products. It offers enhanced connectivity functions and is likely to feature an advanced voice control system – just as it does on the new Golf.

A new ‘Travel Assist’ safety assistance feature is set to be offered, too – allowing an advanced adaptive cruise control system that can look after the steering, acceleration and braking, though the driver must remain in control at all times. It already features on the new Passat.

Alongside the revised model and new Shooting Brake version, VW is set to offer a hot ‘R’ model on the new Arteon, though just what powertrain will underpin it remains unclear. A plug-in hybrid option is also a possibility – given such powertrains are found in the Passat and are likely to be introduced to the mechanically-similar Tiguan SUV shortly. Mild-hybrid powertrains are likely to be utilised as well.

The Arteon Shooting Brake will be unveiled on June 24.

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