Seat creates world’s smallest Ibiza nightclub

Seat creates world’s smallest Ibiza nightclub

One-off model has a variety of bespoke features

Seat has created a small version of the iconic Ibiza nightlife inside its compact supermini. 

The one-off version of the Spanish firm’s Ibiza has been fully kitted out with a range of features, including DJ decks and strobe lighting. 

To demonstrate its facilities, the Ibiza Nightclub took to Brighton Beach, with reality star Woody Cook taking his place behind the decks. 

The DJ decks are powered by one of the car’s USB-C ports, with audio played through the car’s 300-watt, seven-speaker Beats Audio system. The track is displayed via the car’s inbuilt Android Auto or Apple CarPlay software, too. 

To complement the car’s existing ambient lighting, the Ibiza also features a full complement of strobe and LED lighting, while the 355-litre boot has been converted into a mocktail bar with a variety of drink-making equipment.

Commenting on his experience of the Ibiza Nightclub, Woody Cook said: “It may not be the largest crowd I’ve ever seen, but the ability to DJ in any location at any time means the possibilities are endless! From Brighton Beach to the Scottish Highlands, the only limiting factor is your imagination. 

“Having a car is one of the most liberating experiences to begin with and having it kitted with such an awesome setup brings the musical experience to that same level of freedom and expression. Ibiza has never been so portable!”


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