Smart meters could cut electric vehicle charging costs

Smart meters could cut electric vehicle charging costs

The government has lauded solutions introduced by OVO Energy, which can severely cut charging costs and improve habits

Energy Minister Claire Perry has praised the electric vehicle charging solutions of OVO Energy, with the company’s smart meter helping customers save money when they’re charging.

The Bristol and London-based OVO offer users smart meters alongside their services, which can reward those who charge their vehicles off-peak and when there is less strain on the National Grid.

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By using smart and vehicle to grid charging, users will be able to choose the cheapest time to top up the battery and also get rewards from giving energy back to the grid – with the potential to sell energy also on the cards.

The government has predicted that eight million people will consider buying or leasing an electric vehicle by 2023.

Claire Perry said: “Smart meters will be the cornerstone of a cleaner, flexible and efficient energy system, saving the country tens of billions of pounds.

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“New innovative products and tariffs like these will put consumers in the fast lane when it comes to control of their energy use, saving and even making them money when using their electric vehicles.”

Stephen Fitzpatrick, OVO founder and chief executive officer, said: “Getting the smart meter rollout right should be the top priority for the government and the energy sector in the UK right now so it’s encouraging to see the minister here today.

“The smart meter rollout is a huge and complicated programme. However, there’s no question it needs to be done as we can’t build the energy system of the future unless we know accurately how much energy people are using and when.”