Virtual Reality BMW i8

Virtual reality technology allows BMW customers to see cars on their iPhones

With the Apple-supported application, you can now look at the latest ‘i’ models in augmented reality on iPhones and iPads

If you’re in the market for a BMW i vehicle, you may want to check out the brand’s latest application that allows you to view its cars through virtual reality.

Using Apple devices that run on iOS 11, the app can place the car in a space virtually so you can walk around it and look at the details in full.

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BMW i virtual reality augmented reality

It allows you to change colours of the bodywork, the alloys fitted and the interior trim, meaning you can see exactly the car you want before you buy it.

Andrea Castronovo, BMW Group Vice President, Customer Centric Sales Strategy, MPM & Process Management, said: “Our products are highly emotional vehicles which customers need to experience.

“With this app, we’re able to bring the next best thing to an actual product into people’s pockets – they can just take out their iPhone and see what their dream car would look like on the driveway or how it would fit into their garage.”

2018 BMW i3s all-electric hatchback

You can look at the i3, i3s and i8 in the app in a life-size space on iPhone 6s/6s Plus models and later, as well as iPad Pro and the 2017 iPad.

Stefan Biermann, head of sales innovation, said: “We know that almost all our customers inform themselves about our products online before they visit the showroom and they often do this on their iPhone or iPad.

“So, this is the next logical step – rather than just reading about the product, they can go some way to experiencing it. Once they’re happy with their visualisation, they can save the data and a picture to share on social media or, in selected major markets, they can transfer from the Visualiser directly into the online configurator to fine-tune their ideal BMW i vehicle.”


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