Why Volvo On Call is the perfect application for managing your fleet…

Why Volvo On Call is the perfect application for managing your fleet…

We take a look at what makes Volvo On Call the perfect fleet companion.

Managing a fleet of cars can be a difficult task. After all, a business is already pretty demanding so that extra layer of stress can be unwanted.

Opt for a fleet of Volvo vehicles however, and the Volvo On Call app is on-hand to make things a touch easier. With a number of functions available on all of the Swedish firm’s new vehicles, there’s plenty to excite the fleet manager among us.

Read on to find out why you should consider using the Volvo On Call app… 

Remotely send navigation instructions

Through the Volvo On Call app, it’s possible to send navigation instructions to a car remotely. That’s perfect for setting up your route while in the comfort of your living room, or making life simple for a driver of a fleet vehicle by sending directions to their next appointment with ease.

Keep track of usage

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It’s possible to monitor a huge amount of data on a vehicle connected to the Volvo On Call app. This includes mileage covered, details of trips taken, current fuel range and maintenance needs. That takes out a lot of the work over recording these statistics manually.

An extra layer of security

With the Volvo On Call app, you’re notified instantly if your vehicle’s alarm is triggered. This really adds peace of mind, meaning you can keep an eye on any of a fleet’s Volvos without having to literally see it.

Easy calendar access

If you choose to give the Volvo On Call app access to a phone’s calendar, it’s able to pull up appointments, send a reminder for when it’s time to leave and even send the location of an appointment if that information is available. 

Extra features for hybrid vehicles

If your fleet has Volvo Twin Engine vehicles in it, a number of extra features are included in the Volvo On Call app. These include pre-heating and cooling for maximum comfort when getting into a vehicle, delayed charging, the ability to see its battery status, favourite charging locations and the ability to remind you if the charging cable has not been connected by a predetermined time.

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